Trade. Borrow. Earn
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Trade. Borrow. Earn

Maintain complete custody of your tokens by trading directly from your own wallet

Decentralized Exchange

Real-time Settlement

Enjoy a fast trading experience with all orders stored and matched on-chain, then deposited directly to the wallet

Decentralized Order Book

Enjoy a high liquidity exchange with a robust order pool stored on-chain and secured by TomoChain’s 150 masternodes network

No Deposit/Withdrawal Fees

No deposit/withdrawal is required to start trading, and therefore, no unreasonable fees!

Non-Custodian Exchange

TomoDEX does not store your money, all of your tokens remain safe in your wallet

Trade. Your Way


The tool for professional traders with multiple functions for making advanced trading decisions.


Trade from anywhere with TomoDEX built right into the user-friendly TomoWallet.

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Keen on developing your own tools to trade on TomoDEX? We have something for you too!